Friday, 19 October 2012

7 Candidates for Deganwy By Election

Candidate List for the Deganwy By Election to be held on Thursday 15th November.
7 candidates in all, including candidates from 5 Political Parties.

My advice and hope for what it is worth is that if this is fought as a Political election, i.e with the Capital Ps in Party Politics then I think it will turn off the electorate. Party politics will not necessary win peoples votes.

I have proved in the last 2 elections that the residents of Deganwy and Llanrhos are willing to back and elect individuals. Whether they will back across there normal political affiliations is another thing, but I think it is the person most will be interested in.

Some of the candidates do have strong party politics connections, but I have always said that it can get in the way of things at the County Council level. Strong scrutiny and challenge is essential but it should be done for valid arguments and not just because the political parties in Cardiff or London say so.

What I want to personally know is who each of the candidates is, whether they have the capability and skills to do what is best for the Deganwy Ward and the Authority. I don't want false promises, don't promise something that clearly can not be achieved or just shows your naivety to what can be achieved in the current climate. Do they have the time and commitment to spend in Council, not just at scheduled meetings but really getting to know what happens and who to speak with.

I do know several of the candidates and some I knew prior to even being a Councillor myself. I wish them all the best of luck and look forward to seeing their election material. If I get material with just a few bullet points and standard poltical messages, they will be ignored by me.
I would be voting for the person that I think will do best for Deganwy and best for Conwy County. Just because I personally stood as an Independent does not necessary mean I would vote for one now.

But that is just me, the candidates will have to do a lot of work to encourage the residents to come out and vote. By elections are historically low turnouts which does open the doors for anyone. I'm not convinced that the Police Commissioners elections will make much difference to the result or the turnout.

On a personal note. I was in London yesterday at the US Embassy and my VISA has been approved. I am planning to fly to Florida on Friday 26th October.

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